Alliances and direct contact with packaging manufacturers

30 years of experience in the Packaging sector


We are agents of leading companies in the manufacture of quality and innovative packaging for Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Detergency, Food and Beverages, Dietetics and Sports Nutrition.

Packaging and accessories from factories

We offer direct sales and contact from primary packaging factories, containers, bottles, jars, caps and accessories in PET / PETG / Glass Polymer / PP / PE / Recycled PET / Bio Bio / Glass / Aluminum for large and small quantities. We also have recycled material for many of our packaging.

We offer sales and direct contact from secondary packaging factories, they are high value-added solutions such as gifts, promotional gifts and multi-material combined secondary packaging.


Cosmetics and perfumery


Dietetics and sport nutrition


We have the latest developments, developments at the product level and production technologies. Decoration of all types of plastic and glass containers, filled with all types of containers.

Our Top 10 Products

Pharma grade HDPE and PET bottles and all kinds of nasal, oral, sprays, cream pumps, manufactured in clean rooms with GMP's and FDA.

Manufacturers of aluminum and flip-off caps for glass and plastic cartridges and vials, for antibiotics, vaccines and other injectables.

High quality PP and recycled PP airless with inner bag, 100% European manufacturing. Valves for exact dosing of liquids and cream for pharma.

High quality glass ampoules and vials for pharmacy and cosmetic. Option to paint ampoules and vials with gradients, metallics, frosted, etc. Breakers from recycling.

Bottles made of PE / PE Bio / PP / PP soft / PP circular / PET / RPET / PETG / PETG circular / Glass Polymer, for cosmetic, perfumery and pharmacy.

Airless made of PP and recycled PP with high quality piston, 100% European manufacturing.

1-15 ml plastic unit dose ampoules, PP and recycled PP. To jet, drop-by-drop or roll-on application.

Roll On of glass, PP, recycled PP and HDPE. Refillable PP Roll On.

All kinds of caps, lotion and spray pumps, triggers, for cosmetics and detergents. Possibility of recycling percentage.

Promotional gifts, toiletry bags and other secondary packaging. Made with sustainable materials.


At Numaxport we are also agents of leading companies in the manufacture of quality and innovative packaging for Food and Beverages, Diet and Sports Nutrition. Get to know our brand to meet the needs of the sector, Nutrimack.

Our value added

At Numaxport we work on all projects in a methodical way, for this in your queries we require a series of essential information to deal with the project.

Thanks to this information, we can offer a wide variety of packaging and accessories from factories around the world. All stand out for their high quality, innovation and experience for the Pharmacy, Detergency, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Food and Beverages, Dietetics and Sports Nutrition sectors.



Sales and direct contact with leading manufacturers in the world.



Decoration and filling of all types of plastic and glass containers.


Trusting us for all your projects is a guarantee that you can always offer the best product, price and service.


We make the customer feel that he is trying and acquiring the product from a local supplier, who understands his needs and his way of working, from the order to the satisfactory delivery.

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How we work?

In Numaxport we work all the projects in a methodical way, for this, in the consultations, we require a series of essential information. Once we have this information, we match the requesting company and the manufacturer.


Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will advise you in choosing the right product.